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What is the developmental approach?

Our evidence-based DEVELOPMENTAL RELATIONSHIP-BASED INTERVENTION* (DRBI) APPROACH starts with focusing on how autism feels, instead of how it appears.

Every person with autism and other developmental differences has unique competencies, ways of processing information, and life experiences. Our team of therapists and paraprofessionals meet our clients where they are by getting to know them, building tailored support plans that focus on relationship-building and fun play-based sessions, and supporting and coaching families.

*In 2020, the American Psychological Association’s Psychological Bulletin recognized developmental and naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions (NDBI) in its highest tier of efficacy and supported research among autism treatments.

Our Support Services

Mental Health

Mental health therapy may include talk therapy and play therapy, helping clients and families understand and manage the emotions that drive behavior.

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Occupational therapy focuses on how clients physically interact with the world and can include regulation, sensory processing, gross and fine motor skills and planning, and activities of daily living.

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Speech and language

Speech and language therapy helps clients learn to communicate, express their needs and emotions, and interact with others in both verbal and non-verbal ways.

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How It Works

Step 1

Meet Your Care Coordinator

After you contact us and complete your intake form, you will be assigned a care coordinator who will reach out, answer questions about the program, and help with insurance verification.

Step 2

Clinician Interview

One of our lead clinicians will conduct a parent/caregiver interview with you to understand the background of your child’s diagnosis, past therapeutic experiences, and goals for your child.

Step 3

Evaluation Sessions

Next, a masters-level clinician will conduct several sessions to really get to know your child to evaluate their unique strengths, processing abilities, and needs.

Step 4

Your Child’s Personalized Plan

Our holistic clinician team will meet with you to discuss the evaluation and review the recommended support services plan.

Step 5

Support and Coaching Sessions

This is the fun part. A Developmental Paraprofessional (DPP) will work directly with your child in a child-led, play-based practice. A Parent Educator will also provide training and support for your family’s ongoing learning process. 

But what are developmental services really like?

Your child will look forward to every interaction – really! Because our sessions are based on play, they’re fun. Our goal is to build a positive relationship with your child so they feel comfortable and in control. They will have the space and motivation to grow and experience lasting developmental changes.

For you, our coaches will teach developmental techniques that can be incorporated as a natural part of everyday living. This means fewer hours in 1:1 sessions and more time growing together as a family with every interaction.

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