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Speech-Language Therapy

Through personalized treatment plans, our skilled speech-language therapists work to improve verbal and nonverbal communication abilities, enabling better expression and understanding. This therapy is essential not only for effective speech but also for boosting confidence and improving overall social interaction.

As part of our broader curriculum, speech-language therapy is tailored to complement the Core Developmental Care Program. It is not provided as a standalone service; instead, it is prescribed based on careful assessment of each child's individual needs to ensure a well-rounded and effective developmental support system.

What is speech-language therapy?

Speech-language therapy shares the goals of understanding and being understood. It takes a play-based approach toward improving language processing, expression, problem solving, and comprehension of others. When needed, it may also address functional issues like chewing and swallowing.

The fundamentals of speech-language therapy are woven into the care programs of all children. For those in need of more support, one-on-one sessions with a Speech- Language Pathologist (MS, CCC-SLP) may be incorporated.

Goals of speech-language therapy

Children may have varying needs for speech-language therapy. Under the guidance of our speech language pathologists, we offer therapy for speaking and non-speaking communication. This therapy seeks to:

  • Strengthen communication skills, including understanding and being understood

  • Address such challenges as auditory / language processing, language-based learning disabilities, apraxia, and other difficulties

What is speech-language therapy like for the child?

Speech-language therapy is all about strengthening communication skills, including understanding and being understood. It addresses such challenges as auditory / language processing, language-based learning disabilities, apraxia, and other disorders and difficulties.

Our developmental therapeutic model – which always takes cultural and linguistic diversity into account – can encompass both non-speaking and speaking communication. While engaged in meaningful play and daily routines, your child will experience language through their own ideas, while expanding meaning, strengthening their intentions, and creating back-and-forth exchanges.

Speech-language therapy your child will love:

  • Playing with toys and art activities

  • Music and singing

  • Reading and playing games together

  • Sign language

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Additional services

As part of our broader curriculum, our additional services are offered to complement the Core Developmental Care Program as prescribed by your child's care team.

Mental Health

The hallmark of a child’s general prosperity. Mental health affects the ability to manage emotions and behavior. Our goal is to foster calm and confidence.


How the child interacts with the world around them via emotional regulation, sensory processing, motor skills and planning. Our goal is to make daily life easier.

Positive Prep

Our preschool readiness program provides a safe, supportive, play-based experience that fosters relationships, self-awareness, empathy, communication, and physical development.

Feeding Therapy

At Positive Development, we use fun, non-stressful activities to help children with eating difficulties develop healthy habits.

Autism Diagnosis

An early autism diagnosis is crucial, as it enables families to access specialized support and interventions that are vital for addressing the child’s unique needs effectively.

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