A new model of care in autism

Working together to help your child achieve greater growth, independence, and joy.

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An individual-centered approach

People with autism and their families deserve more choices for autism support services. Positive Development is one of the only autism care providers that offer a Developmental Relationship-Based Intervention (DRBI) model while accepting most major insurance providers. We treat the whole person, not just single behaviors, with all the therapist-led services you need under one roof. Never before have all of these services come together in a comprehensive program like this.

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“It's not just answering questions, it's not just avoiding a behavior that we don't like but it's understanding where the behavior is coming from.”

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Why Positive Development

Autism therapy shouldn’t feel stressful, frightening, or punishing. At Positive Development, we focus on relationships and meeting clients where they are so they are excited to visit and play with their therapists. When therapy is fun, it creates space for growth.


We build relationships with your child to enhance comfortability, learning, and outcomes.


Our play-informed intervention allows clients to lead with their interests and thrive in their own way.


Outcomes are enhanced (and life is just made easier) with your full team of therapists available under one roof.

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Making progress while having fun

Our development intervention model starts with understanding our clients as full individuals – their strengths, where they are developmentally, and how they process the world. Then we meet them where they are through fun play-based therapy. At the same time, we support, coach, and empower families to better understand, connect with, and help their child navigate the world.

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