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Occupational Therapy

The tasks of daily living can often be difficult for children with autism. Occupational therapy makes those tasks easier and boosts confidence, helping them feel more comfortable and independent in their surroundings.

As part of our broader curriculum, occupational therapy is tailored to complement the Core Developmental Care Program. It is not provided as a stand-alone service; instead, it is prescribed based on careful assessment of each child's individual needs to ensure a well-rounded and effective developmental support system.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) helps autistic children and adolescents succeed in life's everyday activities by developing regulation, sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills and planning, play, social-emotional development, and daily activity skills.

Goals of occupational therapy

Each client’s OT goals and therapy program will be wholly unique, just like they are. Skills that may be developed include:

  • Sensory modulation

  • Regulation (moving from adult co-regulation to self-regulation)

  • Motor skills and motor planning

  • Functional emotional development

  • Postural control

  • Social levels of play

What is occupational therapy like for the child?

Our Developmental Paraprofessionals—under supervision by our licensed Occupational Therapists—provide playful experiences that build toward OT goals.

As part of our parent coaching program, we also equip your family with the skills to continue learning at home through everyday activities like meals, bath time, and getting ready for the day.

Progress that feels like play:

  • Playing hide and seek

  • Sensory exploration activities

  • Exploring new foods

  • Sensor-motor exploration of equipment

  • Art and play

Additional services

As part of our broader curriculum, our additional services are offered to complement the Core Developmental Care Program as prescribed by your child's care team.

Mental Health

The hallmark of a child’s general prosperity. Mental health affects the ability to manage emotions and behavior. Our goal is to foster calm and confidence.

Speech & Language

Includes communication and the expression of needs and emotions. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal and we aim to improve both.

Positive Prep

Our  preschool readiness program provides a safe, supportive, play-based experience that fosters relationships, self-awareness, empathy, communication, and physical development.

Feeding Therapy

At Positive Development, we use fun, non-stressful activities to help children with eating difficulties develop healthy habits.

Autism Diagnosis

An early autism diagnosis is crucial, as it enables families to access specialized support and interventions that are vital for addressing the child’s unique needs effectively.

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