Positive Development Celebrates the Passage of California’s SB 805

June 5, 2024

Positive Development Celebrates the Passage of California’s SB 805 and Growing Momentum for Evidence-Based Developmental Care Services for Autistic Children and Families

We at Positive Development applaud California’s recent landmark passing of Senate Bill 805 (SB 805)

Governor Gavin Newsom officially signed SB 805 into law in October, which expands autism care services covered by insurance and outlines qualifications for providers.  

“We celebrate the passing of SB 805 and are excited to work with California and other states leading the way on innovative models of care for autistic people,” said Mike Suiters, CEO of Positive Development. “Positive Development remains committed to advancing our developmental care model and collaborating with policymakers, healthcare providers and advocacy groups to ensure evidence-based options remain at the forefront for autistic children and their families.”  

California joins a growing number of organizations supporting developmental care models as a cost-effective way to expand access to care — joining the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supporting evidence-based developmental interventions. 

A significant amount of research is also amassing behind Developmental, Relationship-Based Interventions (DRBI) including the DIR® (Developmental, Individualized, Relationship-based) Model, PLAY (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters)  Project®, SCERTS® (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support) Model, PACT (Pediatric Autism & Communication Therapy) and other evidence-based developmental care models, which are getting recognized as highly effective care models as more and more data is published demonstrating their efficacy in aiding autistic children.  

 Positive Development is adding to the volume of research supporting DRBI through its own outcomes measurement efforts. Its comprehensive, parent/caregiver-mediated approach to autism care is yielding promising outcomes as showcased at the 2023 American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Annual Meeting. 

 The company presented its latest evidence highlighting six-month outcomes of its scalable developmental care model that studied a group of 45 autistic children and adolescents. The results revealed significant improvement on the Vineland Adaptive Behavioral Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3) and reduction of symptoms on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale™, Second Edition (CARS-2).  

"Our outcomes data that was presented shows how our developmental care model provides the support neurodivergent children and their families need to flourish,” said Dr. Josh Feder, Executive Medical Director for Positive Development. “I’m delighted to see our hard work translated into empirical data that without a doubt shows the positive outcomes developmental care can deliver.” 

Positive Development contracts with insurers nationwide as ahigh-quality and cost effective in-network provider, using both traditional and Alternative Payment Model (APM) contracts. With the passing of SB 805, more families will be empowered to find services that best match the needs of their loved ones and family.

Positive Development respects the individuality of every child, with support informed by their strengths. By focusing on evidence-based approaches that prioritize the holistic mental, sensory, and social health of the client, Positive Development's neurodiverse clients and families experience enhanced outcomes and lasting growth and development.

Positive Development's evidence-based DRBI approach supports children with autism and other developmental differences holistically by including Occupational, Speech, and Mental Health therapists, with a developmental paraprofessional, as part of the support team. Likewise, Positive Development also provides education, coaching, and tools to enable parents to become an essential part of their child’s care team. In the process, children build more natural, meaningful social connections and relationships with their families and communities.

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