Mental Health Therapy

Mental Health is Embedded in Everything We Do

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Why mental health therapy?

Healthy emotions and safety are at the core of healthy development for all people – autistic individuals, their families and friends, and us too! And that’s why mental health is an integral part of our holistic developmental model.

We use active listening to build connections with clients and provide emotional support attuned to each family’s needs. In a safe, engaging, and fun environment, learning healthier ways to understand and deal with emotions becomes a natural interaction, not forced learning — easing the path for your loved one to to achieve their full social and emotional growth potential.

“It's not just answering questions, it's not just avoiding a behavior that we don't like but it's understanding where the behavior is coming from.”

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Mental Health Goals

Social-emotional growth is the main focus of developmental intervention, and we support both the client and family in this goal.

The purpose of developmental autism therapy is not to “fix” behaviors, but to help our clients and families understand and manage the emotions and sensory experiences that are driving behaviors.

Through play therapy tailored to each client, we see them:
Feel calmer through the support of others
Be present and attentive in group activities
Understand and take into account their emotions and the feelings of others
Learn to use the imagination for play or problem solving
Learn to form and communicate new ideas
Experience play, laughter, and joy with family and friends

Mental health services

In our team-based, multidisciplinary model, our Licensed Mental Health Clinicians support the whole family by understanding the individual needs of the client and learning the best ways to support them. The therapies they may offer include: 

Individual child/adolescent psychotherapy (both play therapy and talk therapy)

Parent/child therapy and family psychotherapy

Psychoeducational therapy

Social-emotional groups

Social thinking groups

Professional consultation to schools (both early childhood and elementary/high school)

How It Works

Step 1
Meet Your Care Coordinator

After you contact us and complete your intake form, you will be assigned a care coordinator who will reach out, answer questions about the program, and help with insurance verification.

Step 2
Clinician Interview

One of our lead clinicians will conduct a parent/caregiver interview with you to understand the background of your child’s diagnosis, past therapeutic experiences, and goals for your child.

Step 3
Evaluation Sessions

Next, a masters-level clinician will conduct several sessions to really get to know your child to evaluate their unique strengths, processing abilities, and needs.

Step 4
Your Child’s Personalized Treatment Plan

Our holistic clinician team will meet with you to discuss the evaluation and review the recommended treatment plan.

Step 5
Treatment and Coaching Sessions

This is the fun part. A Developmental Client Coach (DCC) will work directly with your child in a child-led, play-based practice. A Parent Educator will also provide training and support for your family’s ongoing learning process.

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