Positive Development Celebrates the AMA’s Support of Developmental Services

June 5, 2024
We at Positive Development applaud the passing of Resolution 706 by the American Medical Association. (AMA). The AMA decision delivers a more modernized approach to its policy regarding care for neurodivergent patients.

 AMA Resolution 706, that was voted on and approved in June, affirms the AMA’s support for all evidence-based interventions and supportive care. The evidence bases for developmental relationship-based interventions(DRBIs) — including DIR, The Play Project, and SCERTS™ — were acknowledged in the process of updating the policy.

“We’d like to thank the AMA for listening to the input of its members, academia, and the neurodiverse community, and recognizing the growing body of research supporting developmental approaches,” said Mike Suiters, CEO of Positive Development. “We look forward to working with the AMA to further develop and enhance primary and specialty care models and accompanying outcomes measures that honor the input of all stakeholders, especially neurodiverse patients.”

Momentum Builds for Developmental Services

The AMA’s decision follows similar policy modernization across the country. Several large private health insurers and state Medicaid programs including New Jersey, Illinois, and Minnesota have independently decided to cover and reimburse evidence-based developmental interventions.

“We call autism a spectrum for a reason —it’s incredibly diverse. Yet historically, many insurance policies have been narrowly defined around one type of intervention: Applied Behavior Analysis. We applaud the AMA and all the healthcare leaders across the country in recognizing that neurodiverse advocacy groups and families are asking for a better array of evidence-based options, especially developmental interventions,” said Positive Development Executive Medical Director, Dr. Josh Feder.

Positive Development contracts with insurers nationwide as ahigh-quality and cost effective in-network provider, using both traditional and Alternative Payment Model (APM) contracts. With the AMA endorsing evidence-based interventions, families will have more choices when it comes to seeking support services, thus empowering them to find services that best match the needs of their loved ones and family.

Momentum Builds for Developmental Relationship-Based Interventions

Positive Development respects the individuality of every child, with support informed by their strengths. By focusing on evidence-based approaches that prioritize the holistic mental, sensory, and social health of the client, Positive Development's neurodiverse clients and families experience enhanced outcomes and lasting growth and development.

Our evidence-based DRBI approach supports children with autism and other developmental differences holistically by including Occupational, Speech, and Mental Health therapists, along with a developmental paraprofessional, as part of the support team. Likewise, Positive Development also provides education, coaching, and tools to enable parents to become an essential part of their child’s care team. In the process, children build more natural, meaningful social connections and relationships with their families and communities.

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