Dr. Jennie Troccio, PhD

Vice President of Clinical Operations

Jennie Trocchio, Ph.D., is an autism educator and DIR/Floortime provider who brings over 15 years of experience to Positive Development supporting, educating, and creating programs for autistic children and their families. Dr. Jennie exemplifies true passion for her profession and has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the fields of development and education. She is a believer in community, following passions, and the power of meaningful experiences. 

Previously, Dr. Jennie has worked in both public and private educational settings. Shortly after introduced to developmental approaches in 2008, she launched Florida’s first DIR/Floortime School where she served as the lead teacher, director of education, and president of the board of directors. 

Dr. Jennie is an advanced DIR/Floortime provider, PLAY Project consultant, certified in K-12 special education, and endorsed in the areas of autism, reading, and ESOL. Dr. Jennie earned her BS and MS from the University of Miami in Special Education, and her Ph.D. from Barry University in Leadership and Special Education with a focus in autism.

In 2014, Dr. Jennie started her own private practice (Autism Education and Developmental Solutions, then rebranded as Dr. Jennie Inc.), with the intention of addressing real life challenges with concrete solutions to realize each child’s potential. Through her private practice, she had the opportunity to partner with individual families and schools, train over 2,000 parents and professionals across the country in developmental approaches and create meaningful social opportunities for individuals with autism and their families (including social skills groups, parent support groups, Autism Family Field Trips, and the annual festival, ‘Connect and Play on Autism Awareness Day’). Additionally, Dr. Jennie teaches autism related courses at both Barry and Lynn University.