Dr. Ben Russell, PsyD

Clinical Director (Long Beach, CA; Whittier, CA)

Dr. Ben Russell is a licensed psychologist with 23 years of clinical experience working with children with developmental, emotional, and learning differences. He received a Doctorate in Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, receiving the prestigious William James award for his dissertation. His profound respect for and celebration of Interpersonal Neurobiology along with his personal character provide the foundation for his work with families and training staff. 

Compelled by a passionate sense of social justice and responsibility, Dr. Russell independently founded Real Connections Child Development Institute in 2004. With diligence and a persistent expectation for growth and improvement, RCCDI steadily expanded and introduced innovative service programing over 16 years before merging with Positive Development in 2020. The drive for excellence has cultivated an ongoing commitment to continued education for Dr. Russell who holds certificates in developmental approaches from both Profectum and ICDL, is on the IRB at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, and continues to pursue new arenas of service programing, organizational integration, and neuro-developmental research.