Cameron Keirnes, MFT

General Manager - Western US

Cameron began his career working as a home supervisor in the group home system in Washington State. He quickly found a calling supporting the mental health needs of diverse populations but recognized that more training would be needed to be able to appropriately address the complex needs of the populations he sought to serve. To fill this need, Cameron continued his educational journey at Fuller Seminary and received his Master’s in Theology as well as his Master’s in Marital and Family Therapy. 

After graduating from Fuller, Cameron joined Real Connections Institute, a DIR Floortime provider in the Southern California area. He quickly fell in love with the DIR Floortime model and found a clinical home working with autistic populations. “Presumed competence” became a guiding principle of Cameron’s clinical practice, and he saw that DIR Floortime was a theory that most closely brought that philosophy to life. Cameron trained under Dr. Ben Zequeira-Russell, the Founder of Real Connections Institute, as well as acquired his Fellows Certificate from Profectum Foundation. This training greatly impacted his clinical understandings and brought a wholeness to his clinical tool bag. 

In addition to Cameron’s Clinical background, Cameron brings over 10 years of management experience to Positive Development. While at Real Connections, Cameron served as Business Manager, Executive Director and finally Owner and CEO. Although Real Connections thrived under the leadership of Cameron and Dr. Ben, there was a sense that they could be more productive and truly scale Real Connection’s mission across the United States.

Now that Real Connections Institute has joined forces with Positive Development, Cameron and team believe they can fulfill their mission of delivering high quality, affordable, comprehensive developmental services that are covered by a variety of payers — in a way that brings about life changing outcomes.