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Mental Health

Mental health is embedded in everything we do. A child’s sound emotional well-being provides a foundation for developmental care to work its magic.

As part of our broader curriculum, our mental health support is tailored to complement the Core Developmental Care Program. It is not provided as a standalone service; instead, it is prescribed based on careful assessment of each child's individual needs to ensure a well-rounded and effective developmental support system.

Why we focus on mental well-being

Healthy emotions and safety are at the core of healthy development for all autistic individuals. Before we can make meaningful progress, a child must be able to access confidence and calm.  

We use active listening to build connections with your child in a safe, engaging, and fun environment. Your child will learn healthy ways to understand and deal with their emotions clearing a path to meaningful social and emotional growth.

Goals for your child’s mental health

We work towards social-emotional growth by building a foundation of sound and positive psychological well-being.

  • Feel calmer through the support of others

  • Understand and account for the emotions of themselves and others

  • Learn to form and communicate new ideas

  • Be present and attentive in group activities

  • Learn to use the imagination for play or problem solving

  • Experience play, laughter, and joy with family and friends

How we approach mental health

A child’s mental health is the bedrock of their developmental progress. We never expect them to look beyond their emotional state to the task at hand. We check in. We listen. And we co-regulate. Then we move forward.

Our licensed mental health clinicians support the whole family by understanding the individual needs of the client and learning the best ways to support them.

Happiness starts here:

  • Individual psychotherapy: both play therapy and talk therapy

  • Parent and child and family psychotherapy

  • Psychoeducational therapy

  • Social-emotional groups

  • Social thinking groups

  • Professional consultation to schools: early childhood through high school

Additional services

As part of our broader curriculum, our additional services are offered to complement the Core Developmental Care Program as prescribed by your child's care team.

Speech & Language

Includes communication and the expression of needs and emotions. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal and we aim to improve both.


How the child interacts with the world around them via emotional regulation, sensory processing, motor skills and planning. Our goal is to make daily life easier.

Positive Prep

Our  preschool readiness program provides a safe, supportive, play-based experience that fosters relationships, self-awareness, empathy, communication, and physical development.

Feeding Therapy

At Positive Development, we use fun, non-stressful activities to help children with eating difficulties develop healthy habits.

Autism Diagnosis

An early autism diagnosis is crucial, as it enables families to access specialized support and interventions that are vital for addressing the child’s unique needs effectively.

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