Core Developmental Care Program

Our services are founded on the Developmental Relationship-Based Intervention (DRBI) model, which emphasizes understanding each child's unique developmental stages, sensory experiences, and communication styles.

Positive Development programs are tailored to align with and nurture your child's natural curiosities and interests. Our Core Developmental Care Program offers personalized support through one-on-one sessions with a developmental paraprofessional, carefully selected to match your family’s needs. Sessions occur in your home or the community, typically six hours per week*.

What is the core program?

Our developmental services are meticulously designed by our transdisciplinary care team to nurture both the child and their caregivers, creating a supportive and enriching environment for growth.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions that are both fun and educational, we build a foundation of trust and confidence essential for a child's development. All sessions, led by our developmental paraprofessionals, incorporate the elements of your child’s care plan and are reviewed often by your child’s transdisciplinary care team. And because the sessions are fun, your child will look forward to them – which drives their motivation to grow and learn.

In addition to supporting the child, our services equip caregivers with effective play-based development techniques. By participating in these sessions and virtual parent support sessions provided by a licensed clinician, you will gain deep insights into how your child perceives the world and learns to communicate their needs and desires. This knowledge enables you to enhance your interactions with your child, fostering stronger bonds and aiding in their growth. Ultimately, our goal is to empower you and your family to thrive together, reducing stress and enhancing the quality of your shared experiences.

*Findings from the preliminary internal program evaluation for children with moderate complexity of support needs over a 10- to 16-month period of continuous care using data collected from 2021 to 2023. A comprehensive care plan is individualized to meet the unique profile and needs of each child with no guarantee of any specific outcome.

Goals of Your Child's Program

Each child's goals and corresponding therapy program will be wholly unique, just like they are. Skills that may be developed include:

  • Emotional regulation strategies to support identifying, understanding, and managing emotions effectively

  • Effective verbal and nonverbal communication and interactions with others

  • Enriched social understanding and participation

  • Enhanced daily living skills

  • Improved functional independence

  • Creating meaningful connections within their community

What is developmental therapy like for the child?

Our Developmental Paraprofessionals provide playful experiences that build toward developmental goals.

As part of our parent coaching program, we also equip your family with the skills to continue learning at home through everyday activities like meals, bath time, and getting ready for the day.

Progress that feels like play:

  • Role-playing games

  • Sensory exploration activities

  • Music and movement

  • Obstacle courses

  • Art and play

Additional services

As part of our broader curriculum, our additional services are offered to complement the Core Developmental Care Program as prescribed by your child's care team.

Mental Health

The hallmark of a child’s general prosperity. Mental health affects the ability to manage emotions and behavior. Our goal is to foster calm and confidence.


Includes communication and the expression of needs and emotions. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal and we aim to improve both.


How the child interacts with the world around them via emotional regulation, sensory processing, motor skills and planning. Our goal is to make daily life easier.

Positive Prep

Our  preschool readiness program provides a safe, supportive, play-based experience that fosters relationships, self-awareness, empathy, communication, and physical development.

Feeding Therapy

At Positive Development, we use fun, non-stressful activities to help children with eating difficulties develop healthy habits.

Autism Diagnosis

An early autism diagnosis is crucial, as it enables families to access specialized support and interventions that are vital for addressing the child’s unique needs effectively.

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