Formerly Real Connections Institute joins Positive Development

June 5, 2024

For Immediate Release: In December of 2020, Positive Development expanded their organization by merging with Real Connections Institute (RCI). Headquartered in Monrovia, CA, RCI has been a leading developmental therapy provider in California for over 15 years.

Rooted in decades of experience, most importantly as parents, family members, and clinicians of children with autism and related disabilities, Positive Development’s transdisciplinary, developmental approach to therapy respects the individuality of every child, with treatment based on their strengths and how they process the world around them.

Positive Development’s CEO Mike Suiters said, “We have found an organization whose heart beats like ours does. We selected Real Connections Institute because we share the same strong commitment to core values, especially service quality, clinical approach, and mission: building connections and shaping futures for children with developmental differences.

RCI’s Cameron Keirnes added, “We are so thrilled and proud that we are now part of a national organization to advance developmental therapies. We love the work we do and are continually inspired by the families in our care.”

Positive Development provides education, coaching, and tools to enable parents to become an empowered and essential part of their child’s care team. Comprehensive Developmental Therapy treats children on the autism spectrum holistically by including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Mental Health Therapy as part of the intervention process.

To keep informed on news and updates, schedule an assessment, or join our team, please reach out to Positive Development (formerly Real Connections Institute) via the following options:

(626) 358-1564

Cameron Keirnes, Executive Director, California

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