Positive Development Brings Access to Neurodiverse Affirming Care to San Diego

June 5, 2024

We at Positive Development are excited to announce the grand opening of our latest center designed to serve the needs of neurodivergent children and their families in San Diego. The new center helps expand Positive Development’s service offerings beyond in-home services and provides families with access to a gymnasium featuring suspended equipment like swings and sensorimotor rooms as well as a kitchen and dining area to support daily living skills and feeding therapy. 

 As the leading provider of developmental care for neurodiverse children, Positive Development is committed to bringing evidence-based autistic care alternatives to Californians with additional centers located across the state in Culver City, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Northridge.  

Mike Suiters, CEO of Positive Development, said: "It's a dream come true to open our fifth center in California and be able to provide autism care services to families in the La Jolla community. We look forward to welcoming members of this community interested in learning more about our new center and our developmental care approach." 

 Register for the Grand Opening of Positive Development's newest developmental care center happening the evening of February 6th.

With the recent passing of Senate Bill 805 that expanded autism care services covered by insurance, families and referrers now can choose Positive Development's neurodiverse affirming, evidence-based developmental care approach as a covered care option.   

 Families and community members attending the upcoming Grand Opening will learn about the company's care model, which is a developmental, relationship-based intervention (DRBI) where interventions are entirely developmental in nature. Grounded in more than 50 years of research on child development, Positive Development's goal is to acknowledge and build on the abilities, interests and challenges of each client to strengthen his/her/their developmental foundations for relating, communicating and thinking. 


In addition, families in the La Jolla and surrounding areas will have access to Positive Development's Parent Support services as well as a team of specialists who are dedicated to supporting a child's speech and language, occupational and mental health needs.

"It's incredible to see the growth in our company's presence across California and it's especially meaningful to open up a new developmental care center in my hometown of San Diego," said Dr. Josh Feder, Executive Medical Director for Positive Development. "I'm truly happy by the interest in our developmental care model both from families and from those interested in a career path supporting autistic individuals. The future for neurodiverse affirming developmental care looks very bright."

To attend the Grand Opening at the new Positive Development center, register here.

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