Friends and family can help families get coverage for developmental intervention!

June 5, 2024
Dr. Andrea Davis

YOU can get your friends and family involved with your work in this way. Everyone can help out families who need equitable access to care and want a developmental approach to autism treatment! 

Join in the efforts to help California fix the laws to allow families to get coverage for all evidence-based treatment for autism, including developmental approaches.

While this legislation is specific to California, it could set a precedent for other states. Here are a few different options to help! 

A. Everyone can sign this petition -help us get to 5,000 this weekend!

B. Everyone can sign our own Dr. Josh Feder's sample letter of support 

C. All friends and family in California can call or email the Governor of California to say, "I support SB 562 for equity in autism treatment coverage."

Below are explicit instructions from Jim Lantry, the DIR/Floortime Coalition of California's legislative advocate:

SB 562, Portantino
How to contact Governor Newsom to express support for SB 562

Governor Newsom needs to hear from us that we support SB 562 which will help ensure health plan coverage for all evidence-based behavioral health treatments in California.

There are two ways to contact the governor on this subject. 

1. Call his office to express support. The number to call is 916-445-2841. This number is only staffed between 9 am and 5 pm.

* When you call you will be asked which bill you are calling about, your position (i.e. support/oppose), and your zip code.

* When you call you will be asked if you want to continue in English. If so press 1.

* You will then be asked if you want to speak to a representative. Press 6.

* Finally, you will be asked if you would like to record a message. Press 3.

* When the recording starts, state your name, your zip code, the bill number (SB 562),and your position, (i.e. you support the bill).

NOTE: If you want to leave a reason for your support you can, but be aware that in all likelihood the office will simply list you as a supporter. The governor’s office is only taking a tally of support and opposition.

2. Email

While the governor doesn’t take ordinary email, you can use his website to contact him. The web address for legislative input is 

* When you reach this page you will be asked for your name and your email address.

* Check “Have Comment” and use the pull down menu labeled “Please choose your subject” to reach “Legislation Issues/Concerns”.

* Once there, check “pro”then leave a message. Make sure you give the bill number (SB 562) first then you can leave a brief reason why you support the bill. An example could be something like: 

“I support SB 562.It will allow thousands of families to get access to evidence-based care for their children with Autism.”

You can give additional reasons for your support (there is a limit of 6,000 characters), but the most important thing to do is simply to register your support for the bill.


Thank you and your friends for all for your help!

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