Your Autism Therapy Care Team

When you seek autism therapy for your child at Positive Development, your child doesn’t just get a therapist. Your family gets an entire team of professionals who work closely with your child and you to provide your family the best care and results.

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Occupational Therapist

Our OTs create goals for improving your child’s quality of life through therapies that focus on fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing, emotional self-regulation, and social and communication skills.

Speech Pathologist

Your team’s speech pathologist will create developmentally appropriate communication goals with interventions that provide both verbal and nonverbal communication skill development to help your child more easily communicate and interact with the world.

Parent Education Coach

Your parent education coach will provide education and coaching in developmental techniques that you can incorporate at home as a natural part of everyday living.

Mental Health Provider

Our mental health therapists assist both our clients and their families with recognizing the underlying emotions behind behaviors and how we can provide support to help our clients feel safe and thrive.

Developmental Client Coach

Your developmental client coach works one-on-one with your child in play-based therapy. By letting your child follow their own interests as they move among different skill-building exercises and therapies, your developmental client coach helps them become more intrinsically motivated to learn.

Care Coordinator

Your care coordinator will help you navigate the intake process, insurance questions, and scheduling appointments.

Meet Our Clinical Leadership

Dr. Joshua D. Feder, M.D.
President, Positive Development of California; National Chief Medical Advisor and Medical Director
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Dr. Andrea Davis
PhD, Senior Clinical Advisor
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Beth Osten
OTR/L, Chief Clinical Advisor
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Dr. Jennie Troccio
PhD. VP of Clinical Operations
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Dr. Faith Thayer
PhD, LPC, Director of Clinical Quality Assurance
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Marilee Burgeson
Senior Clinical Advisor
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